Beijing Day 10

One of the attractions to Beijing are the many markets. There is the Pearl Market, the Silk market and Antiques Market. There also many other markets of the same ilk, but these are the most famous ones.  We had spent several days going through these markets. These markets are known for the fierce negotiation the shop vendors utilize.  They will crowd you, grab you, yell at you… all to get your attention to buy what ever fake good they were selling. It is pretty hilarious. The bargaining is what makes these markets so fun and Leila turned into a master after a few days.  I apparently don’t have the patience. If you are patient, you can score 15 fake purses for like 10 bucks. Or knock off  Dr. Dre headphones for 5 bucks or whatever else you want.  Its not that the goods are totally fake, they might actually be legit and were pilfered from the manufacturing facility.  Others are obvious fakes and made very poorly. I tried some shoes (don’t ever try shoes by the way) that were the correct length, but were meant for some with a foot 4 times as wide as mine. Obvious defect there. All in all, it was a lot of fun and we came away with a few goods

There was one market that was head above the rest: the antiques market.  You can get legit antiques at this place but the bargaining is a little tougher.  The antiques market was full of beads, tapestries, furniture, coins, jewelry and whatever else you could think of.  The quality was good!  Despite the sub zero temperatures…this place photo heaven.



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