Beijing Trip – Day 1

Ni Hao -

Leila and I have embarked on her 2nd and my first time to Beijing. Actually it is my first time on this side of the Pacific. Over the next 10 days or so, I hope to chronicle my trip in Beijing through photography and commentary.  Over the last few weeks before the trip, I was totally unsure of what to expect in Beijing. Third world poverty or a modern city with all the comforts of home.  I was prepared to be in a place where communincation was close to impossible  and I would be utterly lost amongst the city’s 17 million residents. I was prepared to be the proverbial “fish out of water”.  Over the past few days, I have realized how wrong I was.  Communication has been fairly easy as there is a large English speaking population in Beijing.  Also,  my 2 words of Mandarin, “hello” and “thank you”, have taken me far! (I’m working on 3-4 more words right now.)  The city is modern, very modern.  It makes San Francisco look old and out of date. The food has been eclectic from German Hofbräuhaus  to Belgian pubs and Traditional chinese to French bakeries.  All of which are very tasty. The people are warm and friendly and at times I don’t feel that  removed from Clement Street in SF.   One thing is for certain. Apple has taken over the world. Everyone is glued to their Mac Book, iPhone 4s or iPad. Incredible. I might as well be on the 31 heading to work in the morning.

All that aside, it is a fascinating to see a culture in the midst of modernization. And most all,  it is just fun to be with friends and family exploring a new place.


  • Take Off from SFO.  12 hours non-stop to Beijing. Not too bad considering I had a great travel partner and endless leg room.
  • Walking around Nathan’s neighborhood – Chaoyang
  • Ritan Park
  • Dongyue Temple – one of the holiest temples in Daoism.


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